Nocturnal Mission of Ahmad Khawaja

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Crouched in a corner of the living room, Ahmad Khawaja is poised to attack. The adversary is close. Ahmad could actually feel his breathing. Too close perhaps. Is this a trap? Is the enemy beckoning him to come closer?

Ahmad has been tracking this particular adversary for several nights. After numerous sightings, the enemy would just disappear in the darkness. Always, the enemy would elude Ahmad then appear again as if taunting him.

This is the closest Ahmad Khawaja has been to his adversary. Is the enemy slowing down? Is he becoming careless? Ahmad pauses to ponder his next move. Will it be a direct attack wherein he will have to rely heavily on his speed, strength and agility? Or will he bank on his cunning genius to overcome his foe?

There is very slight movement across the room, and Ahmad could feel it. His adversary appears to be cautiously proceeding towards the other side of the room near the kitchen. The kitchen will be a different battlefield altogether. With the plethora of pots and pans, refrigerator and oven, the landscape is different. A different strategy will have to be employed.

There is more movement, less discreet this time. The enemy darts towards the kitchen and conceals himself among the cutlery. If he thinks Ahmad Khawaja is afraid to mess it up in an area with sharp object, well he’s wrong. But a direct assault will create a commotion, which would awaken the master. So Ahmad thought of a different approach. He will creep behind the large chopping board beside the cutlery and wait for his prey to move, for surely when daybreak comes and the kitchen is engulfed with sunlight, the little rat will seek the solace of a dark corner or crevice. And when the rat leaves the security of the cutlery, Ahmad will be there for the kill. Ingenious!

So Ahmad Khawaja, the fur-ball feline, creeps towards the chopping board and waits. The minutes seemed like hours, but Ahmad knows that he has to be patient. He has to stay perfectly still so as not to disclose his strategic position. More minutes passed.

Night turns into day and the kitchen battleground is little by little filled with sunlight, but still no movement from behind the cutlery. How can this be? Without the cover of darkness, the little rat is a sitting duck. This is suicide! But suicide or not, Ahmad Khawaja will have to do what he is meant to do. After all, a cat is a cat, and a cat goes after rats. So he slowly approaches the cutlery, and finds to his dismay his daunted adversary dead, pierced by a kitchen knife.


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