Vulnerable Adult’s Dignity

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Male nurses or male carers (caregivers) would be better to attend to care or to look after male residents only in a Residential or Nursing Care Home (Home for the Aged). Why? One of the reasons why, is Because unlike hospitals patients just come and go, they don’t actually stay for very long. While the residents in a Care Home lives and stays for good! So they lived there and it’s their home. Most residents in a Nursing Care Home are vulnerable adults, some have dementia and confused most of the times. For an instance or example, You are a woman, if there’s a man whom you never knew and you are unaware that they will come to your room on the middle of the night. Would you not be shocked, surprise or scared and suspicious? It’s just one of the instances or examples that we are talking about.

Based as what I had observed, elderly women are not only scared but felt uncomfortable when a male nurse or male carer (male caregiver) came in to their room during the night. Specially to answer the buzzers (beepers) when they need something especially like using the commode or going to the toilet. How they wished to have only female nurses or carers to come to their room during the night whenever they needed help or assistance!

It’s the same with men, most of them felt uncomfortable when a female carer (caregiver) is washing or his bits and buts or bathing him and undressed or get him dressed. Even if carers (caregiver) do tell them, “ we were used to it, we had seen it most of the time, it’s our job to look after you, so don’t be embarrassed” but they still don’t felt assured or comfortable at all. Some men said, they wish they could have male carers to look after them especially in very personal needs like to undressed or bath them. I am not saying most of them, because I knew some men wouldn’t mind if a woman is looking after them.

What about you, when the time comes that you come up to this age or when you become one of the vulnerable adults, as we all have to come up to this stage of life, what standards of care are you expecting or would you be comfortable in this kind of situation? This is just one of my opinions or suggestions when it comes to looking after our elderly people or vulnerable adults and providing them the dignity they deserved. So what do you think about it? Do you have some more ideas? I will continue on my observations and share some more on here. Peace be with you all!


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