Doom Metal Music

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There is another genre of metal music named Doom Metal. Genres will almost always be classified in the development, style and instruments of music. Doom metal is heavy metal dropped down in speed, guitar tuning and darker distortion. You will find a lot of lyrics about fear, death and misery. Most of these metal music bands follow this trend.

Most Common Vocals

Clean vocals are more incorporated in doom then heavy metal. Some band will deliver out a scream here and there within their music. Bobby Lebling and Ozzy Osbourne are some of the best vocalists that have incorporated this style within their music. Like any other type of music, other bands will have various ways to do things. There are all sorts of screams and growls in doom metal.

Like any other type of music, doom metal songs are about anything that has influenced them in everyday life. Doom metal lyrics will often have a sense of death, fear, anger, sorrow and depression in their music. But there is always two sides of the story. Because there has been other bands who have wrote about symbolism, inspiration from literature and religion.

Elements of Instruments

Most bands are set up exactly the same way and doom metal isn’t different.. The band will consist of drums, bass guitar and electric guitars. And every once and awhile in a band or a song they’ll incorporate a keyboard. Their guitars and bass guitars will be tuned low to obtain more bass sound. This can provide the guitars a very low and dark sound. Having the bass guitar tuned down can offer a heavier bass feel towards the song. Adding more bass for the music provides it with more of a dark sound. The drummer would add to this. Playing a double bass pedal or double bass drums for the mix.

Doom Metal Sub Genres

You will discover different sub genres in doom metal music. Their music contains the same feel, but with a different twist to it. Listed are some of the more common doom metal music sub genres.


  • Traditional

  • Epic

  • Stoner Doom Metal

  • Sludge

  • Death Doom Metal

  • Black Doom

There will be a post with a brief description about the different sub genres included in doom metal. Each genre and sub genre is another type of motivation and concepts in music. Just about all have been built by each other and definately will continue to grow and increase for years into the future.


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