David Brown's Christ's Second Coming: Will It Be Premillennial?

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This is the Still Waters Revival Books video book summary for “Christ’s Second Coming: Will It Be Premillennial?” (1882, 1990) by David Brown

“Christ’s Second Coming: Will It Be Premillennial?,” by David Brown, is one of the most devastating books ever written against premillennialism.

Ken Gentry says of it,

“As The New Schaff-Herzog Religious Encyclopedia observed, this work is widely regarded ‘a classic.’ And classics, especially evangelical classics, well deserve a new hearing by a new generation of Christians… The present work is Brown’s postmillennial argument against premillennialism (which he once endorsed).

In Part One of the work he presents a devastating nine fold argument, organized around nine propositions, against the premillennial system as it was presented in the early and mid-1800’s.

In Part Two he presents a postmillennial view of the spirituality of the millennium against the backdrop of the carnal, political millennium of premillennialism.

In the final Part of the book he considers seven of the leading objections to his views and very capably responds to them…

Having read it I wondered how premillennialism survived its penetrating analysis… Consequently, I am delighted at the republication of this classic, especially this particular edition, which is a later one than that published by Baker Book House in 1983.

It should be noted that Brown’s work went through several editions during his lifetime… The republication of this work is particularly important today… I commend Reg Barrow and Still Waters Revival Books for offering this edition of David Brown’s Christ’s Second Coming: Will It Be Premillennial? May the Lord of Glory be pleased to give a renewed vision to his Church of a conquering Christ, Who is both Savior and Lord!”

“Credenda Agenda” (No. 7, vol. 5), in their review of this title noted, “Brown is not a preterist. For this reason, convinced Preterists should read him… this nineteenth-century reprint is a welcome classic.”

482 pages, indexed.

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