Copd Drugs: Side Effects of Duoneb

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The drug contains two active ingredients which are the albuterol sulphate and ipratrophium bromide. For those who are unfamiliar with the generic names, these are same as ventolin and atrovent respectively. In combination, the drug will show more effectiveness against unresponsive airway diseases than using a single agent at a time.

The mechanism of actions of DuoNeb will be to relax the smooth muscle cells of the airways and allow more air to enter the lungs easily. But, the ways in which the two drugs work would be different as one would be acting on the cholinergic receptors whereas the other will act on beta receptors. Due to its localized delivery through inhalation, the possibility of developing side effects would be rather minimal. But, as the same receptors which the drugs act are present throughout the body, the possibility of developing side effects should not be ruled out.

Thus, let us now see some of the side effects which may occur with the use of DuoNeb.

Common side effects:

According to manufacturer literature, many would tolerate the drug rather well and the occurrence of side effects would be relatively minimal. But, when it occurs, following side effects tend to occur more frequently than others. These include sore throat, diarrhea, bronchitis, chest pain, nausea, leg cramps and aggravated heart burn…etc. At the same time, an increase incidence of pneumonias has also been detected among DuoNeb users although the occurrence of which is relatively rare.

Serious side effects:

The occurrences of serious side effects are very much rare although knowing them would be rather useful in order to react immediately. Thus, heart related complications such as irregular heart rhythm, fast heart beat, high blood pressure or even low blood pressure can take place in extreme instances. At the same time, there may be manifestations such as difficulty in passing urine as well as constipation following nebulization with DuoNeb.

The researchers have also learnt that, the patients who are taking this drug can also worsen their existing diabetes as well as some of the existing breathing problems. Apart from these, vision problems as well as development of anxiety have also been reported.

As these effects are considered serious, such manifestations should warrant you to see your doctor immediately and seek treatment.

Allergic reactions:

Even though extremely rare, life threatening anaphylactic reactions are also possible with this drug as with many other drugs. Thus, the occurrence of breathing difficulties, appearance of hives and rashes, itching, swelling of the lips, tongue and other body tissues…etc should prompt urgent medical attention.


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