Migraine Drugs: Side Effects of Cafergot

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Thus, the drug would be used in the treatment and would not be effective in preventing the occurrence of vascular migraine.

The drug would be tolerated well by many although as with any other drug, it may also give rise to both mild as well as serious side effects. Thus, if these drugs are taken even under doctors prescription, it is vital for the patients to know, what constitute a side effect. But, even if someone doesn’t know the manifestations of Cafergot, feeling of unease or being ill while taking the drug should prompt a call to the physician who prescribed the drug in order to make sure the feeling is not part of the side effects.

Let us now discuss some of the serious side effects related to Cafergot.

-Allergic reactions

Although rare, it may be possible for someone to develop itching, rashes, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue and any other part of the body, breathing difficulties, wheezing…etc as part of an allergic reactions or more so as part of an anaphylactic event.

-Excessive blood vessel narrowing

As Cafergot constricts blood vessels, excess of constriction can take place in different circumstances. Such incident is given the name ‘ergotism’ and would be characterized by symptoms such as chest pain, bluish discoloration of hands and feet along with numbness, coldness and tingling sensation, spasm of the muscles and pain…etc.


Excessive formation of fibrous tissues has given few problems to certain individuals using Cafergot and among these, fibrosis of the lungs and in the retroperitoneal region have been cited. As such, these patients can present with back ache and difficulty in passing urine as well as lung signs such as breathing difficulties, cough and rib pain.

-Heart related signs

The heart may become compromised due to reduced blood flow or receiving inadequate oxygen. Thus, chest pain that occur as a result of Cafergot side effects needs to be investigated carefully.

If these side effects manifest, the users need to withhold the drugs immediately and contact their physicians urgently or seek medical treatment at an emergency department as appropriate.

Apart from these, there may be other minor side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, dull headache, muscle pain, increased blood pressure…etc. Even though these are listed as minor in comparison, one must not neglect these and should seek medical attention if the signs become troublesome.

Lastly, the list of side effects mentioned above is no means a complete one and one should refer the manufacturer literature for more information.


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