How to Plan The Perfect Class Schedule

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Anyone coming out of high school and going into college knows about the luxury and freedom to choose classes and class times.  Imagine a three day or even four day weekend.  It is possible if you choose your courses carefully. 

Your major will determine the level of freedom you have in choosing courses, as some majors, such as science majors, dictate most of your courses, while others, such as liberal arts, allow you lots of freedom in your course choices.  As a first step, you should browse through your school’s course list and jot down any and all courses that interest you and the various dates and times that they are available.  Once you have compiled a list, then you can go through it and rank all the courses in order of preference and list them by date and time.  By having a list, it will be easy to see which classes are offered on Wednesday, for example, and you will be able to easily and quickly choose from there.  By having many options you can easily see that there is a course that is equally as appealing on Tuesday afternoon, as opposed to one on Monday morning.  This will also help you choose courses which are close together in time, so that you do not end up with a class at 8 AM and another at 7 PM on the same day. 

Keep organized and think ahead and you find that planning the perfect class schedule is simpler than you may think.


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