Humalog: Fast Acting Insulin Side Effects

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In certain instances, the humalog may be combined with certain other types of insulin to delay its action and to make available the insulin for a longer period.

In any event, the need to give insulin through injection would be required in instances where the human pancreas is unable to produce insulin by itself. This would be the case in Type I Diabetes Mellitus as well as in certain instances of Type II. The insulin injection is usually given as a sub cutaneous injection which can be done by the patient themselves after minimum of practice. Due to the availability of insulin delivery pens, the procedure in giving insulin has become so easy and extensive knowledge dissemination had made it possible to minimize the development of unwanted effects as well.

But, due to many different factors, Humalog as well as other types of insulins can give rise to side effects which mainly falls in to three categories. These are the side effects pertaining to low blood sugars in the blood, symptoms due to injection site reactions as well as skin changes that take place with long term use.


This refers to the low blood sugar levels that can manifest due to high doses of Humalog, failing to eat after taking the injection…etc and may include symptoms such as confusion, sweating, headaches, seizures, tremors, difficulty speaking, blurry vision, extreme hunger…etc.

If these manifestations take place, urgent measures need to be taken to bring the sugars up and therefore prevent any dangerous effects such as a comma from taking place.

Injection site reactions:

These reactions can vary from mild redness, pain and swelling to a serious manifestation of anaphylactic reaction. Thus, the occurrence of unexplained rashes, itching, hives, swelling of the lips and face, breathing difficulties, wheezing…etc should be given urgent medical attention.

Skin changes:

With prolonged use, the injection sites can turn in to pitted areas with skin thickening. These would occur due to excessive fat deposition, hardening in combination with atrophy. The possibility of developing such skin changes can be minimized through changing the site of injection with each insulin injection.

In conclusion:

The side effects pertaining to insulin, especially the serious side effects are extremely rare and can be easily prevented through sensible administering of insulin aligned with adequate food intake. Thus, the benefit of using insulin heavily outweighs its side effects and anyone who requires using it should not back down just because of its possible side effects.


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