Arnold Leitner: A Solar Inspriation

These days conservation is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. We are all looking for ways to help the environment and in the midst of gas prices so recently at an all time high we are looking for alternate energy sources. Solar power has been studied for years as a source of natural, clean fuel. Arnold Leitner has devoted his life to conservation, and has now developed a company to harness the sun’s power. Through tireless effort, his once small project has become a national company with limitless potential.

Just three years ago, Leitner had no personal wealth to speak of, but he had an idea. Using information gathered in college as he studied for his Doctorate in Physics, and data from a solar energy study for his job at Research Data International, Leitner developed a business plan. That plan led to SkyFuel LLC in 2005. During that time, he was studying for his MBA at Columbia University. Combining his education and his love of conservation has turned very profitable for Leitner.

The most recent unveiling for SkyFuel has been the SkyTrough. This device is made of glass-free mirrors and is semicircular in design. The company is using this proven design on a new level that has made it less costly and more efficient. The panel follows the sun as it crosses the sky and stores energy throughout the day. The goal of the company is to create solar technologies that can send energy even when the sun is not available. Storing this power makes that possible. The company remains at the forefront of this emerging field and promises great advancements in the future.

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