Stargate Sg-1: New Ground

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I just love watching vintage shows from Stargate SG-1 and the third season is definitely vintage on the whole.  This episode, entitled New Ground, is another favorite show.  There are good bits throughout.  There is also some intensity in this one which deserved further exploration, though that never happened.

Basically, SG-1 goes to a planet where a young man named Nyan has just unburied its Stargate.  The problem is that in doing so, he’s just disproved the ardent belief by half of his world that life began on their planet.  This leads to some nasty moments.

My favorite moments are when the team is taken prisoners by the Army types on the planet.  They have scenes inside cages that are very good.  Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, and Amanda Tapping do very well as a unit.  There’s a terrific montage bit when they are being interrogated and their answers are spliced together.  It’s so funny.  Watch for this, especially Anderson’s quips as Jack and Shanks’ reactions to them as Daniel.

It’s too bad they didn’t explore Daniel’s torture that clearly happened but was mostly over looked in the writing.  It is a little reminiscent of the Hathor episode oversight.

This is a successful outing that I love to watch.


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