Stargate Sg-1: Fair Game

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Stargate SG-1: Fair Game is a really nice, well executed hour of programming from the third season of the series.  There’s a lot of good drama, and it includes Thor of the Asgard, which is usually a plus, especially when he is in scenes with Michael Shanks as Daniel.  That’s because Shanks provides the voice of the Asgard leader.

This is the first time that Thor gets a lot of action.  He’s been seen before, with Daniel and Sam, but in this hour, it’s Jack who forms the bond with Thor.  Actually, series star Richard Dean Anderson just loved working with the Asgard and quickly formed a rapport with the puppet.  Crazy, but true.

The show does contain several twists that keep the plot moving well and the audience entertained.  In the story, the Goa’uld come to Stargate Command to negotiate a treaty and that just leads to all kinds of fun.  Look early on for the part where Teal’c refuses to attend to the needs of the Goa’uld and then later, watch Jack (Anderson) when he finds out Daniel has been keeping a Teal’c ‘confidence’.

I love watching Jack trying to be a diplomat; it’s not something he is good at.


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