Naruto Manga 524

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The leaked Naruto Manga 524 episode has been all over the internet for those fans who is willing and wanting to read what is next topic of the Naruto episodes.

In the comment stated on the video, it is alleged that tsunade goes into coma and they decide on a replacement hokage during the coma and they decide on kakashi then danzo uses his sharingan to manipulate the others so they decide on danzo instead then he becomes the 6th hokage, although only untilt sunade is better.  Then the kage summit happens where kages meet and madara sends taka there to kill the kages with zetsu there as wells asuke fights the rakage,gaara interferes and tried the persuading sasuke then sasuke unleashes susanoo.

However, the story might be expected to be just a fake as the video enumerated and will not be deemed the story until the real Naruto Manga 524 is released.

This has brought many fans and has failed to look for it. It is better to just sit and wait for the real one to come out, than be scammed by those vedios that are not for real.

The video withover 800,000 views titled Naruto Manga 524 onyoutubeis fake.


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