Stargate Sg-1: Enigma

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I do enjoy watching Stargate SG-1: Enigma very much.  I’ve always liked it, and it’s one of those I can watch over and over and never get bored.  It is a solid first year outing for this fantastic science fiction TV series.

Let’s begin at the beginning with a little girlie moment.  Fans of Michael Shanks and his Daniel Jackson character tend to enjoy the teaser.  I’ve never seen anyone look so gorgeous while covered in volcanic ash before; he’s just so cute to look at.

I really enjoy all of the Daniel scenes in this episode.  His passion for knowledge comes out here, and it’s beautiful to see.

The show also has one of my favorite bloopers from the series, and yes, it involves Daniel.  Look for the moment when Daniel takes the hand of an alien before they go walking through a wall.  Then look at their positions when they actually do go through the wall.  Big oops and big chuckle.

Sam gets a little romantic action with an alien, Narim.  She actually brings him a cat, which was different and a little fun.  The cat actually recurs in another episode.

I like the drama that the new race, The Tollan, brings to the show, but mostly, I just love watching Shanks do his thing as Daniel.


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