Primerica Financial Services is Legit

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Ok so I’m sure most of you have heard of Primerica, Primerica is a multilevel marketing opportunities company, You havent seen any commercials on tv because they dont do that they advertise thru their own people. Maybe you’ve heard that they’re nothing but a scam or that you dont make any money there the truth is they are not a scam and trust me you can make money there, but dont expect to just go sit there and make money no you have to get out there, they are a commission based company, once you get your licensed you have a 20% commission contract,but they want you to grow and start your business right away so they help you get promoted to a districs sales representative and than your commission goes to 50%  they push you to go out there and talk to people about their life insurance  and lets be real life insurance is a good thing you dont want to die and let your family with a huge debt and we’re all going to die right? But what they see as the blood of the business is recruting people because thats how you grow your business, they dont just want you to see this as a part time job or as a business they want you to see it as a life-changing career.All they want you to do is to go to their meetings and make a committment with them dont expect to go there do nothing and make money but If you work be sure that you’re going to make good life changing income


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