Stargate Sg-1: The Sentinel

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Stargate SG-1: The Sentinel is not a huge favorite of mine for a couple of reasons.  Still, it makes for an okay hour of drama and indeed it does have a few really neat moments.

The problem for the most part is that the team is separated in that Jack is mostly off with an odd sort of alien character.  The alien is played by Henry Gibson of Laugh-In fame.  I just am not a Gibson fan and he mostly bores me, including his bits here.

On another part of the planet, the rest of SG-1 are working with a couple of treasonous convicts in an attempt to solve a problem the convicts caused while on a rogue mission.

One of the exciting or cute bits is when Daniel figures out how to work with the alien device.  It’s a tonal thing and is viewed much better than its described.  Daniel fans like it; he gets to show off his genius.

The other big problem is that this is the bridge show between Menace, when Jack and Daniel’s last scene was an angry one, and Meridian, the show that never should have happened where Daniel ascends.  Yet there’s really no Jack and Daniel here, and that stands out like a sore thumb.


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