The Talk With Your Teens

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  • It’s best to start talking with children about sexuality in early childhood, but it’s never too late.

  • Try to be open and available when a child wants to talk.

  • try to be real with your child.

  • try not to be ocward about it.

when it comes to givin your teen the “talk” be there best friend. not there parent. remeber when you had your “talk”. Try and make it better then the talk you got. just remeber sex is normal. and what you did as a teen, exspect your teen to do the same. in some parents cases there teens are worst then what you was. so be open about it.when it comes to the talk its just as embarrising to you as it is to your child. if you dont think you can then have one of your family memebers do it for you. i had my aunt give it to me. its easyer for another person to give the talk to a teen. We want our children to have healthy and rewarding lives. And we know that teaching them about sex is very important. But for many of us, it’s hard to talk about sex — especially with our own children

Here are some questions parents often ask about how to best talk with their children about sex and sexuality. We hope the answers help you when talking with the children in your life.

How do i start the convo wit my child?

When is the best time to talk the my teen?


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