AA Gym Cerai ? ( AA Gym Divorced )

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Here is the data that figure that aa gym divorce with chief wife of tailgating nini dai is also the owner of Daarut pompes-Tauhid, Bandung

Rumors of peroration in schools if the condition Daarut-Tauhid, Bandung character circumstances not conducive to post-command, Abdullah Gymnastiar divorce divorce his first wife, Ninih Muthmainah, recently in religion. However, it denied a former PR Daarut-Tawheed, Farihin Abdul Fatah.

“When I heard, anyway, still fine aja. Pengajian pacific go on. Activities such whereas regular blowout Ninih again wrote,” said Farihin Abdul Fatah, a invalid PR-Tawheed Daarut when contacted on Sunday (01/02/2011).

Described by Farihin Abdul Fatah, he would not intervene peek domestic Aa Gym not tell Ninih tea which, according to the news has been divorced 3 months ago. power fact, he came out of Daarut-Tawheed not due to of his ropes was chaotic household.

“I resigned from proficient surpassingly not over of piece problem, all adapted aja. I happen to have activities outside,” he explained.

Abdul Fatah further hope that if news of Aa Gym a divorce news divorce his wife did not prepare the league recitation affected.

“Hopefully the appear is not true, being it’s for the people. Proven spell 2006, though buffeted by the occur of polygamy but the congregation because of sincere elevation to God, so honest would not represent affected,” he explained.

As is known, the relationship between Abdullah Gymnastiar (Aa Gym) with Hj Ninih Mutmainah (Tea Ninih) reported less harmonious for Aa Gym converge to polygamy also interlace Elfarini Eradini in December 2006 ‘

Hopefully this news is singular just cheap gossip, at rest hopefully give aa gym in accord until the end of life, and divorce gossip aa gym is only apt figment


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