How to Get Rid of Zits

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There are a lot of ways that exist to get rid of zits where you don’t have to buy a million dollars worth of creams and other stuff that dosen’t work anyway. I have found a few ways that, when you use them together work just as well as any zit cream can.

The first one is east, when your in the shower tilt your face so that is faces the oncomming blast of water coming from the spout.(Your face faces the face of water 😛 ) This is really basic and works well. The pressure from the water helps clear your pores of dirt. when you get out make sure yo pat your face dry if you wipe it than the dirt left of your skin will go right backing your skin and cause more zits to form.

Exercise is another great way to lear out your pores and get rid of zits. It makes sense because the pores are there so that you can sweat has no dirt in it at all. So when it goes threw your pores it picks up the dirt on its way out and gets rid of zits.

If you want some ideas for exerciseing to get rid of zits, then try school sports or some other type of exercise group. They work well because your more motivated to work hard. If you don’t want that kind of commitmeny than try running. Go to the track and set a number of laps your going to run and run it. If you live in a small town than run around the blocks in a set path so that you have a goal. If you live near farms or other places like that then wake up early or before sunset and run your heart out, sunsets are somehow more amazing when your really tired.

Service is another great way of exercising and to get rid of zits. Go and mow a lawn, shovel a driveway, or rake up some leaves for an elderly person that you might know or not know. It’s really fun if you try to be sneaky while you do it. You can leave cookies while your at it. 🙂

All of these ways to get rid of zits work great for me and I hope they work for you too. Try them, they’re fun.

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I have been trying ways to get rid of zits for a while. I want to help you help yourself to help others(pretty awesome phase). 🙂 I know what works and what doesn’t. My favorite zit removing guide is one of the best ways to get rid of zits that there is. Click here for more information on this guide.


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