Exposing Bias

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Whether you are a politician or online writer, whether you work in an office or don’t work at all, it is necessary to expose the bias of those around you.  Many times people don’t like you because you are breathing and are only looking for a reason to attack you. 

As an example, this test was run at a University.  Various quotes were given to the students, without attribution and they were asked to analyse and give their opinion.  Subsequently, attribution was given, and many of the students changed their opinions depending on to whom the quote attributed.

Hence, who is speaking, not what is said is the basis of the opinion.

Writing online I had the ‘impression’ that a particular character, (one of those pompous I know everything types) had taken a ‘set’ on me.  I decided to prove/disprove it by using a basic Freudian technique, without attributing the test to Freud.  I simply called it a ‘Little Psychological Test’, and left it.

Although many of those who commented on the article were positive, finding the Test spot on, this character poo-pooed it and decided that it was ‘not like any psychological methodology’ he was ‘aware of.’

I didn’t respond to his remark right away, I let others post to see if his comment has an effect.  It didn’t.  About twenty four hours later, I admitted that the author of the test was Sigmund Freud.

How could anyone who claims to be ‘aware of psychological methodology’ not be familiar with the works of Freud?  

Either the commenter is a complete fraud and knows as much about ‘psychological methodology’ as my dog, or he was so anxious to attack me that he didn’t even read what was posted.

It suits you to have people expose their bias.  If you are in an office and the boss gives you instructions for someone, you don’t have to say; “The Boss said…”  simply advise them of the task. If they don’t do it, then what will be their ‘defense?’  “Gee Boss, I never knew you were the one who told me to redo the document?” 

In every day discussion you have people who are rabidly anti a particular Political party or Politician. Put the quote of the Party or Politician they support into the mouth of their ‘Anti’ and watch them tear it to bits  When they’re done, you can say, “I made a mistake.  It was Anti who said that, it was Pro.”

Why you do this is to remove ambiguity.  It is better to know your enemies. 


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