Travel Guide to Langkawi Malaysia – Temple Tree at Bon Ton Resort

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The religious Chinese temple under the tree is only a small corner of this beautiful estate, called The Temle Tree Resort Langkawi. The resort is found not to far from the beach Pantai Chenang in a secluded part just behind the fishing harbor. The original temple tree is surrounded by original Malaysian houses from all over the thirteen different Malaysian states. This part of Langkawi gives the feeling of allure and grandeur and being part of nature.

The houses were preserved, broken down, transported to Langkawi, restored and reconstructed in their original state. The old houses are captured in this Langkawian time capsule and protected forever. The moment the tourist steps onto the porch of the main building called the Straits Club, the feeling of coming home is very present and the feeling of being in a hotel disappears. The smell of home cooked meals floating towards the nostrils only enforces the feeling. The Temple Tree Villa Resort is home away from home.

The main hall shows the stylish furnishings one can expect in a boutique location like The temple tree Resort. A well chosen mixture between ancient Malaysian antiques and modern pieces of furnish. Perfect chosen art, paintings and drawings just round of the whole ambiance. The friendly staff welcome every traveler in person, their welcome speech filled with history an the pleasures one can expect during their stay


The feeling of home away from home at Temple Tree Resort. Temple Tree Resort really feels like home, no security, no cameras, no reception desk. The tiny size of this wonderful resort, 14 rooms/houses makes it one of the most well kept secrets of Langkawi. Depending on the room type the guest could end up with a complete Malaysian house to themselves. Some rooms are one complete house, and some houses share several rooms. Every room is different and has his own story. The houses have no numbers but names, Black & White, Chinese house, Melaka house to name a few.

Enjoy the Temple Tree houses and suites, life life to the fullest. The Black and White house is one of the most stylish houses, and is more than a suite then a house, it is often used for newly weds. A large porch and entree to the house guide the guest to the gigantic living room and dining area. Wonderful colors and stylish furnishings breath into this space, the room is surrounded by windows that give a wonderful view of the total complex. The bedroom is special in its size; the large double bed forms the center piece of the room, surprisingly neighbored by a large wooden bath tub. The bath room with open shower and Rain Dance shower heads gives more feeling of freedom. In the evening the sounds of the jungle and nature can be heard all around the suite

In this resort you have the feeling that you do not even have to lock your room, the feelings of family relations with the other guests are felt, and friendships are developed in this wonderful Langkawi estate, not only between visitor and the other guests but also between the visitor and the attending staff. All of them are able to share local tales, sages and mysteries. The Temple Tree Resort offers their own in-house chef, who can prepare any sort of meal on request at anytime of the day. But eating ala carte is also possible. The Temple Tree is part of the Bon Ton Resort next door, all guests are also allowed to use all the Bon Ton Resort facilities, the swimming pools, the lounge and the relax areas. Guests have the freedom to enjoy their meals at the Bon Ton Resort Restaurant.

The Bon Ton Restaurant and Resort are just next to the Temple Tree Resort. The Bon Ton restaurant is where it all began. The original Australian owner Narelle McMurtrie started her Bon Ton restaurant first and at a later stage extended it with some home stay options, for later to be transferred into the Bon Ton Resort and restaurant In the meantime she teamed up with a new British partner to propel the business to a new and exclusive level. These two entrepreneurs know what they want, as a third location very soon will be opened in Penang The Temple Tree caters for a niche market, exclusively for people who want to leave their world for a few days, retire from life for sunset moments.

Both the Temple Tree Resort and the Bon Ton Resort attract visitors from around the globe, but also many locals like to get away in this idyllic island paradise.  The Temple Tree and The Bon Ton contribute in their own way to society, part of their profits flood in to Lassie (Langkawi Animal Shelter and Sanctuary Foundation), a  foundation on the island sheltering for stray animals. They love it when you walk the dogs.


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