Cycling TV of 2010 Florida Road Race Cycling Championship

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Cycling TV of Daniel Chavez Winning The Florida State Road Race Cycling Championship and Avoiding Another Catastrophic Cycling Crash

The 2010 Florida State Road Race Cycling Championship was held in Ocala, FL on the same racing course where this event has been held for the past three years. The Ocala racing course is a 5-mile hilly loop with a long downhill all the way to the finish line.

Every year when these cycling races come down to a final field sprint there have been catastrophic crashes on the downhill toward the finish line at speeds of over 50mph. Some of the cyclists involved in these cycling crashes had to be rushed in an ambulance to the hospital with injuries so severe that they were mistaken for motorcycle crash victims.

The 2010 Florida State Championship Road Race (Age Group 19-35) also came down to a final field sprint, and for the third time there was another catastrophic cycling crash on the downhill approaching the finish line, and for the third time Daniel Chavez won this dangerous cycling race, but this time followed by Allison Anjos in second and Brian Domby in third in the 30-34 age group.

Chavez Reality Cycling TV was there to capture all the cycling race action filmed from Joel Chavez helmet cam.

We wish that in the future, the race organizers change the location of the finish line or choose a different racing course for this cycling race.


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