Increase Traffic to Your Store With Google Product Search – For Free!

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Google Product Search

Welcome to Google Product Search

Increase traffic to your store with Google Product Search – for free

Google Product Search helps shoppers find and buy products across the web. As a seller, you can submit your products to Google Product Search, allowing shoppers to quickly and easily find your site.

Increase traffic and sales
Product Search connects your products to the shoppers searching for them, helping you drive traffic and sales to your store. Your products will appear on Google Product Search and may even be displayed on, depending on your items’ relevance.

Submit products for free
Inclusion of your products is completely free. There are no charges for uploading your items or the additional traffic you receive.

Reach qualified shoppers
Reach shoppers precisely when they are searching for items to buy on Google.

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Add products to Product Search:

How Google Product Search Works

Adding your items to Google Merchant Center

1. Upload your products through the Google Merchant Center

You can upload your products with a data feed. You’ll be taken to the Google Merchant Center to submit your product information.

Google Product Search results

2. Users find you on Google Product Search

Your products will appear on Google Product Search and may be displayed on Your store and products will be shown to shoppers when they type in search terms relevant to your product offerings. Shoppers simply click on your listing to be brought to your site.

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