Amazon (Merril, 1997) – Movie Review

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Beautiful images in high quality from the Amazon tropical forest in general and the river in particular, showing a lot of wildlife. The main storyline, which is not always prominent, follows doctor Marc Plotkin, an ethnobotanist who searches for cures for diseases western medicine can’t treat yet. We see him visiting tribes who are isolated form the modern world to study their medicine. An example are the curare poisons, which are made from tree bark and leaves, and are mainly used for hunting by the Indians. There are a lot of variations. Some of these ‘poisons’ have already yielded medicines like muscle relaxants and heart medicines.

Another more fictional storyline follows an Inca medicine man, who descends from the Andes to the forest to find medicines for his tribe. This is mainly symbolic, to contrast with the modern scientist Plotkin with the traditional knowledge of the medicine man.

The soundtrack consist of a mix of classical music and some kind of South American (Peruvian?) music, with flutes and so on.

This movie is a must see if you are into beautiful pictures of the Amazon, animals and/or traditional and herbal medicine. Dont expect a great storyline though. Its also kind of short, approximately 40 minutes.



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