Do You Need To Repair E18 Error On Your Canon Digital Cameras

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You may not be aware of it but there are a large number of Canon owners who are facing the E18 error. We will discuss some very easy techniques which will assist you in repairing the error all by yourself in this article.

In fact I am doing this for individuals who have cameras which don’t have any warranty. In case your digital camera is still in the warranty period you must visit the closest Canon repair shop and get it fixed. In case there is no warranty you can either decide to shell out $150 to get it repaired or try out any of these simple methods.

To begin with let me explain what an E18 is exactly. As described by the Canon official website, this is an error which involves the lens cover or the unit. When you have this problem the lens gets jammed in the extended point, and does not move to the focus the lens nor does it retract when it is switched off. Typically this situation occurs when you put pressure on the region around the lens when it is in the recording mode. This can also happen if you drop the digital camera by mistake or if sand or when sand or dirt gets into the area of the lens. When the lens is stuck, you find yourself viewing a black screen which has a tiny “E18” sign in left corner of the digital camera. It beeps for some time and then turns off.

In the past few months I have seen a lot of people online who are facing this error. In fact this happened to my Power Shot A520 about a week back, but luckily as the camera was under warranty it was fixed free of cost by the Canon company. I have written this article especially for people who don’t have a digital Cannon camera warranty.

You need to try out some simple things but I can’t actually guarantee if they will help with your camera. I know that they have helped a few individuals to eliminate E18 problem from the camera.

You can tap the padded USB cover section on a hard surface, which I know sounds too simple but it can remove the dirt from the lens. Take help of compressed air by blowing it between the camera body and the lens turret. This can also get rid of the sand and dust.


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