Ramadan – Fasting And Healthy Weight Loss

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But Ramadhan is also an ideal moment in the year to shed these extra kilograms, and with millions of Muslims world wide participating in this annual religious ritual, an ideal moment to take charge, and reduce weight properly.

Ramadan can create good food habits. The good thing about Ramadan is that there is a daily routine and that everyone is doing it, with that there is huge social control of the masses, and this can help the one losing weight. The routine starts with eating just before sunrise, then the fast during the day and preserving energy till the evening, then breaking the fast with friends and family and making sure that the body gets all the nutrients needed for the next 24 hours.

During the breaking fast, the main problem is sugars and carbohydrates. People eat lots of rice, noodles, bread and other high carb foods, to fill there stomachs. And to satisfy the taste buds with lots of sweets. Do this for a month and a sugar habit is created. But what if we can use the Ramadan month to create good habits.

Ramadhan can bring the ideal fasting menu. Start breaking the fast with a small bite, ideally high in fibers and sugars, dades are a perfect food. Followed by two glasses of water. Then eat slowly a good proportionate meal, with lots of vegetables and high in protein, fish, chicken breast, to give the body all the nutrients it needs. Keep drinking lots of water during evening. Most muslims only have two meals, break fast and at sohur, but better is to eat more during the even, and to stay away from carbohydrates where you can. We do not suggest to stop eating rice, noodles and bread at all, but be sensible.

Keeping up with this program, the body will automatically detox during the day, and that is a welcome benefit. If this is kept up for a month good weight management are developed and not only the stomach was fed, but also all the body sells. We should eat for our cells, not just for our palatte and stomachs. Keeping the cells happy, will make the body strong and energetic.If done properly a weight loss or weight management during the Ramadan month can deliver the body with a boost of energy.


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