The Power of Water in Your Diet

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Water, existing of three molecules (1 oxygen, and 2 hydrogen) and only two elements, and yet so powerful. Water or H2O is one of the most abundant nutrients and purest elements on the planet, water provides our body with three main benefits.

  • Hydration

  • Detoxification

  • Transportation

Water is one of the most pure and powerful nutrients in our solar system, and this equals for the human body. Water is the single most important nutrient a person can eat. Water hydrates our body, keeps it flexible and ensures metabolism. Water has the ability to uptake other elements from their surroundings, this helps the body to detoxify from harmful elements and waste products. It also reduces toxic build up between joints, in fat tissue and organs. Water is able to transport all these waste products out of the body and by doing so release the body’s toxification levels.

How much water does one person need per day? Most of us do not drink enough water. Most people drink a couple of cups of fresh water per day, this is definitely not enough. Per 25 kilogram of body weight a person needs 1 liter of fresh drinking water per day. An average person needs 2-3 liters per day, and average overweight person needs 3-5 liters per day. This sounds like a lot, but it is a necessity to ensure proper body processes.

What happens when we don’t drink enough? If a person does not drink enough water, he or she will dehydrate, and toxic levels in the body will lead to low energy, headaches and joint pains.

What happens when we drink too much water? In many cultures around the world it is believed that one can better drink less water than too much. However the opposite is true. When one drinks to much, the body will take care of it her self and will drain the access. You will make a few extra toilet stops, but that’s it.

Learn how to drink water. Many people have a problem drinking water, this is where we need to get into the habit of drinking water all the time.

It is better to drink the daily water requirement in little sips, rather then in large gulps.

Three simple things to do to drink the daily quota.

-1- Start the day with two large glasses of water

-2- before using the toilet drink a glass of water, when returning from the toilet drink another glass, to replenish

-3- Always carry water with you

Water really helps to clease the body. Water is the ideal medium to cleanse the body from harmful elements. A constant flow of water during the day, will keep the body nicely cooled and well hydrated. Water helps the body fluids to flow easily and it helps to transport nutrients to all areas of the body.

Water is the ultimate hydration system for the body. The water balance keeps the body hydrated. The body enjoys water at room temperature better then ice cold. Even for a thirsty body, warm water cools more than cold water. Water an amazing element and should be part of our daily nutrition in plentiful quantities. Water is in most parts of the world readily available, easy to use, clean and even drinkable from the tap. If in doubt use bottled water.


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