Firefox is Streaming 24/7 Cuteness

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Firefox is streaming 24/7 cuteness! All you have to do is go to to see videos of red pandas at the Knoxville Zoo! There are two parents and their two cubs, Spark and Ember. Their aunt is also there! There are six different cameras, each given a name so you know if you are watching a cub, a parent, or the aunt. Of course, each camera has a cute code name – “360 Cute,” “Frolic,” “Snuggle,” “Snooze,” “Gnaw” and “Chillin’.”

You can help the red panda cubs get their next treat by downloading Firefox 4 Beta. The link is on the page.

From that page, you can also choose to support the Knoxville Zoo.

Other cute sites are and

If you like the captions on pictures of cats, go to and if you prefer dogs, go to

You may want to sing some cute songs as well.  Why not, how much is that doggie in the window?  How about “They’re coming to take me away?”  Why not “Soft Kitty” from the Big Bang Theory? 

Have fun looking at cute animals and feeling good because of singing cute songs.

This should make you feel all fuzzy inside.

Then, for fun, why not search for more cute images of animals?  It’s easy now with Google!  All you have to do is enter “cute animals” into the search and click on “pictures” to see pictures!


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