Five Tips to Help Your Blog Comments Get You More Web Traffic

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Comment on blogs. It’s one of the basic pieces of advice that everyone gets at some time or another when they start trying to promote a website and yes, commenting on blogs can be very effective in increasing your site’s visibility on the web and the traffic you receive. What the experts don’t tell you though, is how to make your comments effective and of value to both you and the blog you left them on. Blog comments will often allow you to leave a link to your own site that can help with your search engine optimisation, but not every comment will help your SEO.
There are a few golden rules that you should always follow when you make comments on another blog using a link back to your own site.

Make the comment relevant and interesting.
Many webmasters will make the schoolboy error of thinking that their ‘great blog’ or ‘ well I never’ comment will be fine, but in truth this kind of banal observation adds no value to the blog it’s been written on and does no favours to the website it links to either. Blog readers are wary of spam comments and will scan down the list of comments looking for interesting points and alternative views. The comment you leave is an advertisement for your own website, whether you see it that way or not. If you have an interesting and engaging comment on the subject being discussed it’s much more likely that a reader will click on your link to see what else you have to say in your own website. As a website owner, it’s these real people you’re after for your site, not just the backlink for the search engine robot to find.

Comment on relevant blogs.
It’s very tempting to litter the web with comments and links wherever you can to promote your site, but in the long term you’re not doing yourself any favours. Look for blogs that are relevant to the site you are trying to promote in terms of subject matter or audience. The search engines use very sophisticated indexing software and you will benefit from having keywords that are relevant to your niche in the content of the page that contains your link. Similarly, in terms of attracting real people to your site through these links, you’ll have much more chance of getting a real visitor to click through if you’re commenting on a blog dealing with a subject that’s relevant to them.

Look for dofollow blogs.
Do some research on the web into the blogs in your niche that you want to comment on. Some of these will have a ‘nofollow’ restriction on comments to stop the search engine robots following the link to your site. You can find this quickly by viewing the source HTML for the page and scrolling down to the comments. Somewhere in the tagging, you’ll see the word ‘nofollow’ if this restriction is enabled. Blogs which don’t have this restriction will have a greater positive effect on your rankings in the search engines results pages although the blogs that have the restriction are still of value to drive real people to your pages.

Don’t overload individual blogs
Just as important as the relevancy of your comments is the number and frequency of comments you make on any one blog. If you’re seen to be overloading the blog with comments or bombarding certain pages, the webmaster will very quickly decide to exclude your comments and readers will become bored of seeing the same contributors repeatedly. Decide which posts should get your comments and decide when is a good time and a bad time to comment.

Timing is everything.
Blog posts are usually regularly updated so it’s important to keep up to date with the posts. Make sure your comments are made on pages that are as new as possible. Comments made on old, archived pages are more likely to be regarded as spam linking and will probably provide you with little benefit since they are not regularly visited by other people any more either.
Fresh blog posts generally have fresh and active discussions taking place in the comments. This means that real people are visiting the pages, making these the valuable pages for your links.

You’ll notice from these points that it’s as important to add something to the other blog as it is to get your link on their page. By adding relevant, interesting and timely comments to blogs, you can help promote that blog as an active site with other readers. There is definite benefit for your website in having a strong link to a site that has stature among its readers. Some of that stature will slowly but surely rub off onto your website if you approach your commenting responsibly.


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