How To Support A Friend After A Break-Up

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Break-ups are hard to deal with, especially if your all alone. Do you have a friend or family member who is going through a break-up and need advice on the ways to give support to him/her? First, pat yourself on the back for being a good friend. Not everybody gets the support they need when dealing with a loss of happiness and emotional depression. It’s nice to have that special person around when emotions are running high, and you just happen to be that person.

So you want to know how to support a friend during a break-up, right? Step one is to listen. Let your friend use you as a way to vent. They have a million thoughts running through their mind as well as emotionally hurt. Just by having you there, they can spill out all that’s in their head, freeing them of at least going crazy. Try not to over-talk and spend more time listening and understanding their pain. It’s kind of like therapy, only you are a friend who cares enough to hear all about what happened and the to be there for them through the whole process.

Another way of supporting your friend is by making sure they eat. People who experience break-ups have a hard time finishing a meal, let alone eating anything at all. The depression is so great that nothing seems to matter to that person at all. They basically give up on themselves or get so sick to their stomach, that moving on after a break-up is next to impossible. So with you being there for them, you are giving them that shoulder to lean on and make it through the troubling times.

After you are informed of the break-up and all that happened before and after, then it may be a good time to start talking. You are the healer at this point. What you say or do can have a huge impact on the outcome of your friends situation. Try and brighten up the day with a quick joke or say something funny. To bring a smile to your friends face after such a traumatic event can help in healing the sadness involved. Stay and have dinner with them to ensure that they’re eating properly. Do what you can to avoid having them dwell on the break-up. Your job is to help them move on, and in doing so, the mind must be free of depressing thoughts.

The best way to support a friend during a break-up is by being a friend. A friend that cares.


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