Scuba Diving Malaysia, Pulau Sipadan or Sipadan Island

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For many years Sipadan and the surrounding islands are rated by the worlds most renowned underwater photographers and underwater cinematographers as the best scenic holiday dive locations in the world.

With its shallow reefs surrounding the total island, and the edge of the reef dropping to incredible and undiveable depths, Sipadan offers a humongous amount of small and large sea life, from microscopic organisms to trailing whale sharks. Sipadan and its sister islands offer it all.

SipadanIsland is located just of the coast of Borneo and the island sits at the top of a narrow spire of a seamount. Rising like a needle from the ocean floor, surrounded by washing waves lays Spidan, covered in lush rainforest and surrounded by coral reefs teeming with all the sea can offer. The island itself is unhabitat and no accommodation is found on this tiny dot in the Sulu Sea.

Good dive sites are always hard to get to. Flights from surrounding countries fly to Kota Kinabalu International Airport in Sabah Malaysia, from here a overland flight will bring the traveler to Tawau a coastal town on the mainland of Borneo. From Tawau dive trips are organized or guests can travel to their accommodation to other surrounding islands like  Mabul and Kapalai.

Scuba diving has been the only water activity in this part of the world, remote, unspoiled, far from any form of pollution, Sipadan offers the summon for divers from around the globe. The waters are deep, but teeming with all sorts of forms of underwater life. The seas are notorious for their underwater currents, not all dive sites are for beginners. Dive courses are better done at the surrounding islands. Turtles can be seen on nearly every dive, and even coconut crab can be found here.

Teeming fish life and an abundance of micro life is found all around this area. Barracuda Point offers when visited at the right time, schools of barracudas, that will circle the divers in a vortex of one-meter long silver sea rockets. “You can even hear them swim by, their noise is so overwhelming” says experienced dive instructor John Thompson.

Other dive sites would be Lobster Lair, Hanging Garden, West Ridge, Turtle Tomb White Tip Avenue and Stayhorn Crest.

Scuba divers should be aware that the waters around the islands are treacherous and some dives are not for the fainthearted. Divers are miles away from the nearest hospital or recompression chamber, planning safe dive profiles is the best advice.

Pulau Sipadan a true holiday and scuba paradise in the middle of the Sulu sea.  Tough to get to, but once arrived, a place that you rather would stay forever.


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