Cotton as Herbal Medicine

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Cotton is commonly seen in the medicine cabinets.  It is also one of the primary contents of a first aid kit that are utilized in cleaning wounds.


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Cotton is not only intended for wounds.  In truth, many common disorders can be treated by the cotton plant.  From its roots to its fruit, they can be used as herbal medicine.

The roots of the cotton plant are diuretic.  They are very effective for urinary problems.  They can be boiled and anybody can drink the boiled water with the roots after it cools down.  This boiled mixture is also effective in tightening the uterus of a woman that has just given birth.  For those women who had just given birth who wanted their uterus to go back to the same tightness, boiled cotton plant roots are very effective.

Boiled cotton leaves are effective on the other hand in treating dysentery, catarrh enteritis, and diarrhea.  The sap of a fresh cotton plant leaf is effective as pantapal for wounds.  The wounds heal fast with the sap applied to it.  It is also effective for treating burnt skin.

The fruit of the cotton plant can be used like how the leaves are used.  The seed are effective for amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.


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