Pocket Positives Incorporating More Pocket Positives – Maggie Pinkney

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Pocket Positives – incorporating More Pocket Positives is a compilation of quotations based on a positive theme. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the tome is that it questions what might be presumed as the regular size of a pocket. At 19cm X 12cm x 5cms, it may slide comfortably into a giant’s tunic, but for mere mortals the cerebral enlightenment may be offset by the physical exertion to lug it around. But given the subject, it’s best not to be too negative about this. 

The epic comprises 672 pages split equally into the two editions. Each is divided into subject categories that are presented in alphabetical order. The themes of the first half are given at the end of the quotations whereas the ones for the second are presented at the beginning. 

Many of the themes cover areas of human endeavour and thought such as ability, death, education, wealth, wisdom and virtue. The More Pocket Positives comprises some subjects which are the same as the first section but others that are different. Where the themes are repeated, different quotations are featured in each. 

The main contributors are famous American and European politicians, entertainers, writers and philosophers with a smattering of Confucius, ancient Greeks and Romans and a lady called Anonymous. There are within the quotes many that will be well know and may even class as clichés; God helps those who help themselves; teach a man to fish etc. 

The text is presented in Upper case headings and all text is written in Times New Roman script neither of which are the easiest on the eye. There is no cross-referencing or indexing of quotation authors or first lines. 

So how about the quotes themselves? The aim of such a book is to provide an instant psychological lift through some wise, inspirational insight so does the book deliver. Clichés apart, there are some magic moments. Two of my personal favourites are: 

The future 

I am not interested in the past. I am interested in the future, for that is where I plan to spend the rest of my life. 

Charles Franklin Kettering (1876 -1958) 


A positive thinker does not refuse to recognise the negative; he refuses to dwell on it. 

Norman Vincent Peale (1898 – 1993) 

With this last thought in mind we have to say that although this publication is not without its faults it does have some positive aspects and in scoring five out of ten, we have to describe it positively as a half full glass of wisdom and inspiration. 

My copy Info: Paperback/ Published in 2001/ Reprinted 2002 
Compiled by Maggie Pinkney 
This compilation actually printed by Summit press – it is the same book as advertised at the top of the page
Printed in Australia by Griffin Press 
ISBN: 1 86503 590 4 

Copy cost £2.99 but you can pick up a used copy from as little as 1p used from Amazon.


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