The Importance of Oral Hygiene

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Having good oral hygiene is very important in the way we live our every day lives. Whether it’s meeting someone new or trying to land that much needed job, oral hygiene plays an important role in everything we say and do. Having a good smile can take you places, but who wants to smile with bad oral hygiene problems? It is very hard to compete with someone who has the best set of white pearly teeth, especially if the teeth are stained, rotted or even filled with cavities. Bad breath may also be a result of poor oral hygiene and may cause others to shy away from you instead. It is very important to practice good oral hygiene for yourself and for those around you.

Those who smoke cigarettes know what the circumstances are when it comes to oral complications. Smokers are usually identified as having bad breath and stained yellowish teeth as well. If smoking is necessary, try smoking outdoors to eliminate the odors involved on the clothes and breath. Cutting down on smoking and brushing more will help in the removal of the staining on teeth, allowing a smile to shine more. Gargle with mouthwash to end bad breath and to prevent any bacteria from forming in the mouth. Good oral hygiene isn’t all about brushing right and flossing. It’s also about what we put in our mouths and the foods we eat as well.

The importance of oral hygiene should be known to children and adults alike. A nice white smile can only be achieved through good oral practices which include brushing two to three times a day, flossing to remove trapped food particles and using mouthwash to kill bad breath. Millions worldwide experience bad oral hygiene by not following simple instructions given to them by dentists. Skipping a day or two without brushing allows food to sit and form tar on the teeth, staining them and turning them yellow. It is very important to brush at least twice a day to remove any tarter build-up and to keep the mouth fresh at all times.

Make a promise to yourself to at least brush in the morning and at night before bed. Every other day a good gargling of mouthwash helps to control bacteria and bad breath. Remember to floss after every meal to remove food between the teeth. Not doing so will invite gum disease and/or tooth decay causing costly repairs in the future. Practice good oral hygiene and go out into the world with a great smile.


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