Pregnancy Week 18

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If you are wondering if you are having a boy or a girl, you may be looking forward to pregnancy week 18. You may also be looking forward to getting on with things, and this is almost the midpoint of a healthy pregnancy. This is a time to get things done, make some decisions, and to start to think about things that you may not think are important until later on. It is never too early to do some planning, as the third trimester can be difficult and tiring for some pregnant women.

One of the most exciting things about pregnancy week 18 is that you will be getting your gender and health ultrasound very soon. Some get it at 18 weeks and others wait as long as week 22. Though the gender may not always be visible at 18 weeks, but it is possible. If you want to know what you are having, you may want to give it a few extra weeks to up your chances of getting a clear idea of the gender. Remember, even though some babies make it very obvious as to what their gender is, some hide it well. Results of ultrasound for gender are not always accurate.

The ultrasound you get near pregnancy week 18 will also be about the health of your baby. This is when many problems can appear. If you are concerned about Down’s Syndrome, but you do not want to have amniocenteses done if not necessary, there are things a technician can look for during the ultrasound to let you know if the baby seems to be okay or if the amino test is a good idea. The baby will be measured and the heart will be checked out for any problems. The due date for your baby may even be adjusted depending on the growth of the baby.

As you near the midpoint of your pregnancy, there are some other things that you can think about as well. Are you sure you have the right doctor? If you are having doubts, this is the time to make sure you want to stay or if you want to find someone else. You can also start to think about any classes or programs you want to take or get involved with near pregnancy week 18. Some classes are disappearing, so don’t assume you can find one locally. You may have to look to a nearby community to find what you want, so it stands to reason that looking and signing up for them at this point might be a wise idea.

You can also start to think about the end of your pregnancy as you near and pass pregnancy week 18. You have plenty of time, but it never hurts to think about things early. Do you know what type of delivery you want to have? Do you want to use pain relief? Who will come help the first few days after birth or do you want to be left alone? Who will care for your older children while you are giving birth (if you have any)? Who can help you if labor comes early and your spouse can not reach you right away? Do you have any names you like? There are all good things to start considering before your pregnancy progresses too much further.


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