Defending Nero

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        “Defending Nero”

It struck me earlier this week when a report surfaced that Jeff Hardy showed up at the PPV this past Sunday quote in “ No condition to perform” what kind of hypocrites some people really are. Now don’t get me wrong, I hold no illusions about who and what Jeff is. He isn’t a role model. He shouldn’t be held up by parents as some one their children should aspire to be. He is a pro wrestler , a man that at a very young age decided along with his brother what he wanted to do and he and his brother set out on a long hard path to get their.

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Along the way they both developed a reputation as in ring people who where willing to do anything to get ahead. They both cut their teeth jobbing for some of the top talent at the time and always went out of their way to make them look good.

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As they both ascended to tag team glory, they made there bones by taking risks and chances that few would take. Pioneers of TLC and ladder matches, the Hardy’s rose to the top of the Tag team division.

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When Vince began to tire of tag teams during the attitude era , he split up the likes of the Hardy’s , The Dudley’s and Edge and Christian and sent them all to different shows. The Dudley’s soon left for greener pastures (TNA) edge moved up to the main Event while Christian got buried, (Soon to be TNA Bound as well), and the Hardy boys where cast into the Abyss that was the WWE Mid card. Well Jeff and his Demons that one always kills me, left for awhile and did a stint in TNA and then came back. While they had plans to push Jeff upon his returned, it was at times the way they pushed him that wore a little thin

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