Final Resolution

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  “Final Resolution”

Show opened with a Number one contender match for the tag belts. It featured Ink inc against Beer Money and considering how they have rushed Jesse Neal into the ring from the get go, it’s a miracle one was as good as it was. One has to figure that once the other Hardy comes to town, Moore’s role will get bigger. I’m still hoping for the OMEGA Reunion. 

Next up was the Knockouts Mickie James and Tara in a falls count any where match proving once gain that the Knockouts are still the best ladies in the business. To all of you WWE Marks out there, could you really see any pair of Diva’s pulling off something like that ever, I don’t think so. Hope that if TNA ever gets another hour on Spike to fill, they will give serious thought to an all Knockout Show.

Next up is something that I have to take Issue with Jay Lethal, a TNA Original has had to job to this Jersey Shore wannabe. From the time TNA was formed, the X division was one of its biggest selling points and now it along with one of its best in ring and on the mic performers is relegated to helping this kid get over. Lethal should be in the mix for a world championship run and like him and Kazarian , and AJ are being held back by the currant TNA Brain Trust

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