Juan Cena …really

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  “Juan Cena …..Really”

On the heels of one of the better three hour versions of Raw that I have seen in quite sometime, I can’t help but ponder the big news floating around on the net. The Nexus storyline has gotten so stale that they are borrowing from the mid eighties to keep it going.

For those of you to young to remember , back when Andre was still a baby face, he was in a feud with I think John Studd and The Brain was Studd’s Manager .  Hennan somehow got Andre suspended or thrown off TV and so was born “Giant Machine” which was basically Andre in a Mask.  There was a “Big Machine” who turned out to be Jack Mulligan and a “Super Machine” but I never heard who wore that mask. Even Hogan wore one and was called “Hulk Machine” a few times. This gimmick had a short shelf back in the day so the Idea of Cena’s Cousin Juan Cena from Mexico won’t fly for long if at all. The fact that they are even going to try it means that they are running out of fresh ideas.

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Here’s the thing, they take the mask off a skilled Luchdore like Alberto Del Rio and turned him into one of the more irritating Heels in quite some time. Now they want the face of the company to put on a purple Mask and pretend to be his own Mexican Cousin. Funny I thought they were worried about Latino Demographic. This is the type of thing that if they don’t do it right, could affect their bottom line.  Let us not forget, these are the same people that had three actual stars from Mexico, dress like Gardeners and ride down to the ring on lawn tractors called “Juan Deere’s. 

In others News, while healing up from a major Back Injury, CM Punk has been the third guy at the announcers Table. His natural Skills on the mic have him holding his own against Cole and Lawler this past Monday with his only blunder being he gave away the final Two in the King of the Ring Tournament during a preliminary match. With Lawler getting screwed at the end of the night, I think that Punk is there to help generate some heat between Cole and Lawler

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