The Money For it Won't Grow on Trees, You Know!

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Seriously, what is wrong with our children these days? They want, want, and want some more.

Growing up, a long time ago, my parents weren’t rich, having just what we needed.

We didn’t have ANY cell phones, any IPods, any game boys, or PSP’s.

It truly was a better time in life; really you may have heard this before.

But the need for Oakley Sunglasses that cost 100.00 a pair is a little over the top.

The need for an IPod that costs 300.00 on sale is over the top.

Trusting not to go over the minutes on a cell phone, but they do anyway. So finding them wouldn’t be a problem.

Game boys and the PSP go hand in hand.


Seriously we are living in a Commercial world, Not that I don’t want my child to have these things.

Reality is first, food, bills, etc. As a single mother living paycheck to paycheck it is hard to say no. Yes, there was support from the father until he died, which left just me.

And to all the other single mothers out there, we are working longer hours, staying away from our children to give them their wants.

So in the real world, the other children have it, why can’t I? Let’s see, if we don’t pay the electric bill, they will shut off, if we don’t go to the store, there won’t be any food.

It is as if they don’t have a clue, or understand it, TV has brainwashed them, friends have brainwashed them?

If we didn’t have all these things to buy and make other people rich, the world would be a much happier place.

Pick-up a book, get lost in someone else’s world.

Draw a picture, paint a picture, and be crafty.

Teach yourself to crochet or knit, while you watch TV

Yes, I feel as I enabled my children to be like this, but it was before I realized it.

Telling you child Money doesn’t grow on trees, is hard, but we have to break the cycle.


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