Fashion Tights: The Rise of Pretty Polly

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Pretty Polly has given the world of hosiery a completely new dimension. It offers a variety of colours and textures of tights which are exclusive. If you want to look glamorous, sexy and graceful the best option is to go for Pretty Polly because the collection is so wide that you can certainly find whatever you’re looking for. The vast array of styles include footless, opaque, embellished, lace overlay, diamond lace up, and fashion tights.

Pretty Polly footless tights are made of 94 percent nylon and 6 percent elastic. The full length tights have a matte finish and there is a collection to choose from. Similarly the Pretty Polly Argyle Opaque Tights are made of 70 percent cotton and 27 percent nylon with 3 percent elastic. Generally they are available in two sizes. These tights are comfortable as well as stylish. In fact the cotton content of the tights ensures that the wearer feels comfortable at all times. These tights are in high demand in winter since they provide a degree of warmth as well.

The Pretty Polly cable opaque tights comprise 68 percent cotton, 26 percent nylon and 6 percent elastic. It is made of a hand-washed material and the whole thing has a matte finish. Moreover these tights have a reinforced toe gusset. These tights are very suitable to protect you from the chill of winter and are can fit in perfect with any outfit. These cable opaque tights are a must have for a woman of style.

The embellished tights, on the other hand, are made of 94 percent nylon and 6 percent elastic lycra with embellishments of gold, silver and pewter metallic studs. Only one size is available in this particular variety of tights. Those gleaming metallic studs are sure to make heads turn as you sashay down the road or at any gathering. With a background of plain black these sparkling metallic studs really stand out and help achieve a glamorous look. If you want to try something unique then try out these embellished tights.

Then you have the irresistible Pretty Polly opaque / lace overlay tights and the Pretty Polly sheer diamond lace up fashion tights. The opaque tights are mainly available in two colours with lace at the front. The diamond patterns on these tights are also eye catching and you can get to look different from others.


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