Cityville Guide For Beginners

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Facebook offers a new cool application for you to spend hours of endless fun with. CityVille is an online game by Zynga. This online social network game is said to be modeled after an old PC game, SimCity. As it is a new craze, many would then wonder how this game actually works. With a CityVille guide you would be not only growing veggies on farms but a city that is rising up skyscrapers. If you are just beginning with your city then there are some beginner CityVille tips for you to start good and start great in your pursuit to build a great city.

Every city needs people in it, and every person needs a home. So begin by building a home. When you build a home you get some coins and experiences which would boost your status as a city. And maybe will help you become the City Mayor. Though, population has a limit but you can raise the population capital by putting up community buildings like the postal office. Community buildings are needed to be staffed with employees. You can hire your friends to become a City Official or someone else in the community. Cities would not rise without its businesses. Businesses are an integral part to the CityVille community. These allow the city dwellers to spend their money, therefore your city will earn.

When buildings are everywhere it is hard for the people to go around without the roads. CityVille Tips says that instead of using roads to guide people towards the establishments, why not use sidewalks? These sidewalks would not only save money but also space.

Speaking of roads, and infrastructure, farms are still a part of the city. You can still harvest and earn from these farms. Still these farms are like Farmville. The plants have costs and they wither and die if left unattended.

CityVille strategy would lead you in accomplishing the goals to a better accuracy and speed up improvement of your city. Though there are no CityVille cheats because Zynga made sure that the integrity of this online game be kept. Still there are CityVille strategies to keep our city growing and expanding.

One effective CityVille strategy would be having your friends involved with your city. Still friends and neighbors would be a great help in letting your city grow. Though there is no easy way to let your city grow in a short period of time. Your friends would help your city develop into a super power in no time. Have deals with other cities or even trade with them. You are like running a real city here.

The only problem that you would face when running the city would be the energy being expended. Every task needs energy and therefore you easily fall into an energy shortage. But you don’t have to wait for five minutes for you to gain a single energy. Just by visiting neighbors you will earn up to 3 energy batteries. You will not only earn batteries here but also an experience and some coins upon visiting your friendly neighbors.

If you want a CityVille tip to earn extra money. One benefit of visiting friends is that you are able to collect money and reputation from them. Though there is a limit, but that would still be a great help financially for your city.

With this simulated online game, you will be having fun building your own city in the convenience of your own home. And with this Cityville Guide you are able to manage in beginning a well planned city, though not for real.


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