Do You Know The Most Important Video Squeeze Page Elements?

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Like all landing pages, video squeeze page also has the necessary elements, which should be implement every time. In the paragraphs below I presented you three of them, in my opinion the most important ones.

First of all you need to take care of the headline. It gives you the first chance to encourage people to leave their names and emails, and subscribe for your newsletter. All you need to do is to find on the internet some articles about writing the eye-catching headlines. There are so many valuable blogs and sites about copywriting so I am sure you will find something interesting for you.

After you have written your headline, it’s time to work on the second element – the video. As the name suggests, this is necessary thing that have to be on the video squeeze page. Many beginning entrepreneurs are afraid of creating video so they are for example recording a simple slideshow, but this is the biggest mistake they make. SHOW YOURSELF – this is the secret! If someone sees that you are personally encouraging him to subscribe then he will probably trust you more than a slideshow.

The last element I want to present you is the subscription form. Have you ever considered why some of the subscription forms look the same? I can tell you – because they are offered in the email marketing software for free. If you try to create your own and unique form, your conversion can increase rapidly.

At the end remember, that all the previous examples should be put together to achieve the best conversion so make them clear and professional. All the cute and fancy graphic may be nice but it is business so try to adjust all of the elements to what the site is about.

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