Save Money, Outfits For Under $40

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Saving money lets you get ahead on your mortgage. It lets you buy a new car and live free of the hassle and expense of fixing a cranky old one. It frees you from the worry of living from payday to payday always worrying if you will fall short if you get sick or have an accident. There are many ways to save money but one of the best ways is to shop for clothing secondhand. Your doctor will not take less for a consultation, your grocer will only go so low on sale, your insurance company will not take anything but cash,  but there is an abundance of used clothing to chose from at a fraction of the new price. .You could save money with outfits under $40

The point of thrift shopping in my opinion is not just to save money, but to save enough that once or twice a year you can go out and buy exactly what you fancy without thinking about the cost. This way you end up with a couple of spectacularly nice brand new items, and if you stick with the theme, a whole lot of other spectacularly nice items which just happen to have been slightly used by someone else a couple of times before you got your hands on them.

If you decide to save money by buying cheap new items, then at the end of the season you will end up with a lot of items worth throwing away. Such items rarely last (there are few exceptions) and this is what composes the majority of thrift store stock. it is what lasts a season and then is only worth tossing. Allowing yourself only to buy mid range new items means you accumulate a mid range wardrobe. It’s not awful, its just not spectacular or unique. This is why you need to spend time looking at quality clothing so you can learn.

Very expensive clothes are usually well made. They have linings, reinforcement, nice zips and fittings, quality buttons, are generally made with more durable fabric and so on. A good  item stands the test of time and is wearable for many years. Smart shoppers look for items which can be dressed up of down or adapted to current fashion trends with clever accessories rather items embellished with details which will date the item and make it wearable only until that fashion trend expires. When in shops and department stores don’t say to yourself “stay away from the more expensive items I cannot afford it”. Go look at these clothes and notice how nice they are. You may never have looked as you assumed such clothing was out of your range. However not more of them are likely to fit or look good on you than will the range of cheap items. Don’t buy an item because it’s a brand item, buy it only if it makes you look and feel great and it is truly well made. If you find a perfect item you should buy it. This is your one item each six months on which you spend money. Try items on until you find out how good you can look and feel. Then you will never be tempted to buy cheap ill fitting clothes again just because they are the current season’s fashion.

Now go scouring thrift shops for items of a similar quality to enlarge your collection. Set your self a budget above which you will not buy and stick to it. Don’t fret if you find something you cannot afford, there will be other things of the right price if you keep looking. Your goal is saving money, so you can buy one of two of the best items you can find brand new. This is how you reward and educate yourself.  Make sure you keep visiting quality boutiques, especially the lesser known brands so you recongnise the names. Thrift shop staff know the value of major average price brands but often price expensive brands which are little known at not more than cheap department store stock. In some ways they are right as the more unusual the item the less chance of it selling. Thrift shop shoppers are often only looking to buy one step up from the cheapest items. If you find a brand you are not familiar with and you are unsure about the item, check it out online from your phone, to see of it’s good value.

If you follow this rule most of the time most of your outfits will come in under $40. Top or dress $10, pants skirt tights shorts under $10, shoes under 10 and maybe a belt scarf or bag under $10. What if you got a email or saw a sign saying  Save Money outfits under $40 wouldn’t you open ithe email or go in and have a look?

What I am wearing today: Brilliant Zara European skirt $9, Saba top (brand new secondhand) $8. Elie Tahari jacket $10 (from suit bought for $20 secondhand virtually new 6 years ago, Tahari is simple and timeless). Teva travellers sandals $120, bought on sale from A2B Oxford street, Paddington. These are one of my indulgences. I bought them NEW, they are stylish enough to wear to work but I can walk in them so I can excercise at lunch time. They are super strong, timeless in style, and last forever

I could have spent $300 the equivalent new clothes alone, spent over a $150 on a pair of heels and  and then bought a pair of cheap walking sandals from Kmart. I think I got the better deal, and the difference has gone on my car payments.  If you educate yourself and buy this way you will end up with a wardrobe full of durable well made stylish items that co-ordinate well and will not go out of fashion. After years of wear you may even be able to sell items you’ve aquired for more than you originally paid. If you manage to do this you can then break the rules just a little bit and go over your $ budget….rules were made to be broken!


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