The Lazy Girl

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 Remember, time is very precious. Once lost it never comes back. God has given us the sun. The sun marks our day and night which can be father divided into hours, minutes and seconds. Time is a valuable gift from god. We must respect time. 

Everything we do, from getting up in the morning to going to bed, day is fixed by time. There is a time to go to school, time to play, to eat, to sleep etc. when you do things on time it is called punctuality. If you are lazy and do not do your work on time there will be disorder and confusion. You will be called a lazy child who has no respect for time.

The lazy Girl

Veena was a lazy girl. She did not like getting up in the morning. As usual, one morning, her mother called out, `Veena, get up or you will be late for school’’. Veena opened her eyes. It was already 8 O’ clock.

She remembered that mother had woken her up earlier. But she kept lying down thinking she would get up in five minutes. But she had overslept.

`Oh! Why am I so lazy? If I miss school today, I will miss the picnic, too,’’ thought Veena. Their class was going to visit the Zoo to day.

Veena rushed to the bathroom. The water was too cold. But there was no time to ask mother to heat it. She gritted her teeth and had her bath with the cold water.

As she was combing her hair, she felt her shoes were uncomfortable. She realized that she had worn them on the wrong feet.

“It is okay. I will wear them properly in the bus,’’ she said while looking into the mirror. Even her hair was not done properly.

Veena looked at the clock. There was no time to comb her hair again.

“How does in matter? The animals in the Zoo will not notice,’’ she thought. “mummy, I am going,’’ she yelled while rushing out.

“But Veena you have not taken your breakfast,’’ mother called out “Oh! Mummy, I cannot. I am getting late. I will miss the bus,’’ said Veena and ran out.

On reaching the bus stop she did not see any of her friends. She waited for sometime. There was no sign of their bus or any other student.

“It seems that I have reached late and missed the bus,’’ she thought sadly and ran back home. “mother, I have missed the bus. I promise to get ready on time from tomorrow. Will you please take me to the school today?’’

Mother said, `O key. Go and sit in the car.’’

Finally they reached the school. But there was no one student in the school, too.

“It seems we are late. Everyone has left for the Zoo. This is my punishment for being lazy’’, said Veena and started crying.

She learnt a lesson that day and after that she was always on time.


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