Cytodyne Cytopro Is Useless?

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Recently I just discovered this protein supplement, and it seems as if it may be one of those underground protein products that most don’t speak of, but then it known to give great results or maybe not. Continue reading to learn more on what this Cytodyne Cytopro is all about.

So here’s the rundown on this protein powder. As I was conducting research on Cytodyne Cytopro I came upon what it actually contains.

Some Main Ingredients:

  • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)-one of the highest proteins

  • enhanced with 3.5 grams (per serving) cytodyne-an anabolic/anti-catabolic product

  • glutamine peptides, taurine, l-glutamine

  • lactose free

One website said this about the product:


CytoPro contains a precision level of rapid absorption hydrolyzed whey peptides for increased nitrogen retention and increased IGF-1 release. CytoPro contains the highest level of low molecular weight ollgopeptides for optimal digestibility. CytoPro contains the highest level of BCAA’s for greatly accelerated anti-catabolic response. CytoPro contains a potent level of powerful glutamine peptides proven to increase protein synthesis, increase muscle glycogen levels, enhance BCAA absorption, and decrease muscle breakdown.


Reading this overview about this product may start to create some attraction, but before you make any decisions you would want to know that taking protein supplements all day will not exactly get you the results you expect. For it takes a proper plan or guide to follow that you can use to get leaner ripped muscle with any protein supplement or without it.

Learn more about a plan or guide as such, within the website below. Also, I picked up a review about this product that caught my attention, from Supplementcrtic.

Here’s a summary of what it says about Cytodyne Cytopro:


“Cytopro is a top quality pure whey protein isolate protein powder with excellent solubility and outstanding taste. This super quality protein contains 100% pure cross flow micro and ultra filtration whey protein isolate as its only protein source.

Cross Flow Micro/Ultra-filtration is a state-of-the-art process that isolates whey protein by filtering out lactose and any impurities which are found in lower grades of protein. This means that people with lactose intolerance are not likely to have any problems with Cytopro. Cytopro Is Pure Protein With Excellent Amino Acid Profile.”


From reading a variety of reviews (like the one above), overall Cytopro seems like a great anabolic protein formula that enhances protein synthesis and lean muscle growth while decreasing recovery time and muscle breakdown.

To make things clear about this protein supplement, if it is something that interests you, then it may just be a wise buyer choice.

To follow a guide that show you how get more leaner and or ripped muscles with or even without the use of Cytodyne Cytopro, click here-How To Get Ripped Fast.

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