Bring Back The Old Runescape Wilderness And Free Trade Now!

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Back in 2007 RuneScape made a massive mistake in their game, and it actually in some ways them a ton of players and money. But now later in 2010 a poll which was released yesterday, we can now vote to have our game the way we want it! We can bring back the no trade limit that the game had, as well as the old wilderness so it won’t be as boring as it is now!

So if you want to actually see this being brought back to Runescape, and make it how it was before the crap updates click here now! All you have to do is either enter your user-name, or you can just click to be anonymous then click “yes”.

Okay so if you do not want these changes to happen, you must be crazy as I see people everyday wining about Runescape not getting rid of the trade limit. So this is your final chance guys! we must start voting for this to be brought back, otherwise it never will and we’ll never be able to free trade again!

Okay so I think I got you to vote now, but I must stress that the reasons that RuneScape got rid of these things was to protect it’s system. To stop cheaters from bypassing certain parts of the game, also if you think about it logically hasn’t RuneScape already developed a great system of catching botters? So in that case, we don’t need to have the wilderness removed or the free trade limit, as Jagex have already found a better solution! So once again if you fell that RuneScape should bring back the wilderness, as well as the free trade limit don’t hesitate to vote here now!

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