St Trinians 2 Film Review

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The girls are back at St Trinians for the new school term and it falls to Annabel to take the role of Head Girl. The girls all settle back in well and form their own groups where they take on their roles of geeks, Naturalists, Techs and chavs well.

They are shocked to discover that one of the girls has broken into the library to steel a ring which they have been asked to get for the price of £20,000. The girls discover what is happening and it falls to Annabel to speak to the man who wants the ring. Annabel asks for a higher price but gets turned down and is warned that she has made a big mistake and danger is afoot.

Annabel goes to speak to her Aunt, Head Teacher Fritton to explain what has happened. They are all shocked to be told about an old Fritton pirate who has a secret gold stash and the ring forms part of the map. The evil Lord Pomfrey is trying to get his hands on the ring to find the treasure for himself.

Can the girls of St Trinians stop the evil Lord Pomfrey and find the treasure for themselves?

I did enjoy the first of the St Trinians films so was looking forward to watching this one and can say that it was very good but just not quite to the standard of the original. The storyline was good and crazy at times but this is what made it so enjoyable. There was a lot of humour in the story and for me this is what made it so easy and good to watch, along with the acting of some as well.

The role which really stood out for me was that of Head Teacher Fritton, played by Rupert Everett. He was excellent and played the role of a woman very well. He looked so funny and walked just like a man but I was transfixed each and every time he came onto the screen. He bought so much humour into the film and made me laugh so much. He had a good chem8istry with all of the girls and he showed a good parental side when needed. I loved the way he would try and get involved as much as possible with the crazy schemes and never try to stop the girls from doing them. There was a great fixation again with the character of Geoffrey and I loved the way they were together on screen. There was a good bond with the two actors and they seemed to be able to bounce off each other with their lines with ease.

We had some very good young actors in the film and the one which took the lead and really stood out was that of Annabel, she was played by Tallulah Riley. She showed a good strength with her character and seemed to be able to deliver her lines and make them believable. She was a good leader to the girls and seemed to be able to fit into which ever section of people she was working with. Other good strong characters included actors, Jodie Whittaker, Juno Temple, Sarah Harding and Celia Imrie. David Tennant started as Lord Pomfrey and he did a good job with the role and I did like the way he took the character and made it his own.

The film is set in the present time in England and this was apparent from the clothes, fashions and sets. They were all well made and came across in a good light. I found some of the improvised school uniforms to be a little over the top but they worked well with the story and characters. We did get parts of the film showing us the past when the pirates were ruling the seas and I loved how the same actors were used in these parts. It was easy to separate the years as they were both very different and so too were the costumes.

There is some comedy in the film and it did at times make me giggle out loud. Some parts are not funny and way over the top for the film but this for me just made it that little bit more entertaining. A lot of the humour came from the relationship with Fritton and Geoffrey. The music was also good and fitting for the year of the film. It was fresh and very modern and worked very well. It is not an album I would personally go out and buy but it was good for the film.

This is a film only review so there are no bonus features to speak about. The running time of the film is 106 minutes and I found this was quite long enough. The rate is a PG and personally I would have had this slightly higher at a 12 as there are a lot of parts which I would not want young viewers to see or give them ideas about how to behave at school. The DVD can be bought for around the £7 mark and I think this is a fair price. The film is currently being shown on Sky Movies so try to catch it there for free.

I am pleased to be giving this film 4 stars. I was very entertaining and had a good storyline. The acting was excellent and Rupert Everett was just as excellent as he was in the first film. I have dropped a star though as it was just not quite up to the standard of the first film and was missing a few more stronger child actors. One for fans of the first film to watch.


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