Household Uses For Cucumbers

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Foggy windows and mirrors

After a hot bath or shower the bathroom mirror is always steamed up.  Rather than looking under the sink for something to wipe the mirror, try looking in the fridge.  Simply rub a cucumber slice along the mirror to remove the fog.  This also has the added benefit of the cucumber emitting a lovely fragrance.

In the garden

Garden pests can ruin any garden faster than the speed of light (or so it seems).  Rid your garden of those pests by peeling and slicing a cucumber and placing a few slices in a disposable aluminum foil pie plate.  The chemicals in the cucumber react with the aluminum to give off a scent that will drive those pesky critters away.

Instant face lift

The phytochemicals in cucumbers cause the collagen in skin to tighten, firming the outer layer of skin.  Rub a slice of cucumber along any problem area for a few minutes and wrinkles will become less visible…temporarily.  Cucumbers are a lot cheaper than wrinkle creams.

Disappearing ink

For those of us who still use ink pens for writing letters, addressing envelopes and writing checks, cucumbers have a distinct purpose.  If you make a mistake with your ink pen, simply rub an unpeeled cucumber over the error and the cucumber acts as an eraser.  It also works for crayons.

Clean green

A peeled and sliced cucumber will clean and shine bathroom and kitchen faucets and stainless steel sinks.  Simply peel and slice a cucumber and rub the area until the grime is gone.  Your sinks and faucets will be sparkling clean and streak free.

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