Stargate Sg-1 – Broca Divide

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Broca Divide is a terrific episode of the Stargate SG-1 series.  In fact, it’s one of the best ones of the entire ten years worth of shows.  For one thing, it really set the tone as to what the show was about, combining the action of exploration with the scientific and cultural aspects of that same exploration.

The show is notable also for introducing fans to Doctor Janet Fraiser, the petite and spunky physician they would learn to love in short order.  Actress Teryl Rothery never did get regular billing, but she was in everyone’s heart.

In this outing, I just chuckled as she calls Teal’c, “Mr. Teal’c.”

As he so often does, Michael Shanks excels in this outing.  We see his character’s passion and zeal big time.  He’s a fighter beneath that geeky exterior.  There’s a briefing room scene that always gives me a chuckle that shows this off terrifically.

Just about everyone on the base ends up becoming caveman like in this episode.  There are some good moments here, especially between Jack and Daniel.  The show is a team one, with all of the regulars getting some good bits.  I never tire of Broca Divide, especially where Shanks and his Daniel Jackson are concerned.


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