How to Deal with A Partner Who Has Messy Bedroom Habits

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Does your partner leave the clothes all over the floor, the closet doors wide open, and the dust bunnies piling up on the bedside table? Time for action!

Ask your partner to be more considerate. Point out how messy his or her area of the bedroom looks and ask them if that makes them feel like spending time in there beyond sleeping. Ask your partner if they would enjoy it if you also did the same and both of you had clothing piled up, newspapers strewn across the floor, jewelery in heaps etc. The answer will usually be no and it is the first step on the path to accepting the need to change.

Make it easy to keep tidy. Here are some suggested ways:

  • Put a clothes tidy in the room and make it sit on your partner’s side. If he or she starts leaving their cloths on top of it, set them straight on this immediately and ask them to not do this. For the start, you might need to leave the lid off or open to encourage their reform.
  • Make sure hangers are available in the closet and that there is space to put clothes in; lazy people abhor having to shove anything in.
  • Use shoe tidies. These are great for encouraging a sense of placing shoes where they should be. They also keep shoes in excellent shape and make it easier for the lazy person to find the pair that they are searching for.
  • Provide a tie holder and keep it in a very accessible place.
  • Make sure that drawers are available for delicate clothing items and be sure to prefer the modern easily-rolled drawers with good depth. There is not excuse then for not being able to get clothing in and out.

Always make the bed. Every morning, without fail, make the bed. This immediately gives a sense of tidiness in one area of the room which can set the mood for the rest of the room.

Leave a feather duster in the room for removing dust bunnies. Hand your partner the vacuum cleaner every second clean so that it becomes a shared routine rather than you all the time. Once your partner gets used to this idea, he or she soon starts to realize the value of keeping tidier all the time.


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