Runescape: How to Make Millions Fast & Easy 2011 (Millions in One Day)

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-Very little, a decent magic level for teleportaions or Teletabs

-Around 1 million gp or 100k


Teleport to Camelot (Level 45 magic or Camelot Tab)

Run south untill you reach the General store person “Arhein”

Don’t Trade! Talk to him and buy all the Seaweed and Pineapples


Run north to the Framing Store “Vanessa”

Trade and buy all the Plant Pots and Compost and Watering Cans

-PROFIT- 75k

Run East from the bank to the fishing equipment store buy all the Harpoons.

-PROFIT- 100k

*Finish at Camelot* Todal Profit =200k+

Second (Need to do Frenmikin Trails)

Run North from Camelot this will take some time.

-Go to the market place and look for “Sigmund” Buy all his Empty Vials Pack and Water Vials Pack

-PROFIT- 10k

Go To the Northen Port Take the boat to Jatizo

Go to the house North-west of the bank there, there should be table with food.

Talk to “Gastfrihet” and she will offer you to buy some Yak, Buy all the Yak-Hide

-PROFIT- Around 150k-200k


Thrid Teleport to Ardougne.

Go West to the General Store, Buy all the Water Vial Pack

*Optional – you can buy all the Bronze Arrows too (Profit around 2k)

-PROFIT-10k (Total)

Forth Game Neckless

Get your Game Neckless and teleport to Barbarian Outpost

Go to the Light House (Must have done Horror From the Deep)

Go to the 2nd Floor (General Store) and buy all the Vial of Water Pack and Empty Vial Pack, also you can buy Pestle and Mortar

-PROFIT- 30k (Total)

Fifth Varrock

Teleport to Varrock, go the the Staff Store and buy all the Battle Staff (5k-10k Profit)

Then go to the Magic shop, south of the east varrock bank.

Buy all the Water and Earth Runes (10k Profit)

Also you can buy all the Bronze arrows at the Arrow shop, West of the East Varrock Bank. (2k Profit)

Go south of Varrock Square to the Weapon Store and buy a Dragon Scimitar from the Monkey, Later sell it for 120k-130k in trade (Profit 20k)

Now just rune to Edgeville, go to the Trap door just East of the 2 Yew trees, then run to the Slayer Master.

Buy All of the Unf. Broad Bolt Heads (75k+ Profit)

After that go back to the Edgeville General Shop, go outside and buy all the Team Cape (10k+ Profit)

Also go to Odiz the Dragon Slayer Quest, person and buy 2 Rune platebody (10k Profit)


!FINISH! Selling at Grand Exchange

Go to Grand Exchange and sell all the stuff you just brought, they usually sell if not just wait over night.

You should have earned around 500k-600k Profit!


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